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What is Insurance Declaration Page plus How to get it?

How to get insurance declaration page?: Hello, if you searching on detailed information on Insurance declaration page then you have landed to the right place.

In this article, I will be sharing everything related to Insurance Declaration page.

Even though you may not be familiar with the term I will try to explain in pretty simple manner.

So, Let’s begin with understanding what actually is Insurance declaration Page?

Insurance declaration page is the Basically the first page that contains the summary of your policy

It specifies your name, address, policy limits, premises and other important information related to Insurance.

It should be noted that all Insurance declaration page are not the same and varies from one policy to other.

For Example, The auto insurance declaration page will be different from life insurance declaration page.

The Auto declaration Page will contain your Name, Driving History etc whereas Life Insurance will list your Health status, policy number etc.

I Hope you have got my point and by now must have understood What is Insurance Declaration Page?

Now, let us check out What is Home Insurance Declaration Page?

How to get insurance declaration page?

Home Insurance declaration page is the Basically the first page that contains the summary of your policy

It Lists all the important information about the homeowners, lenders, and all parties that are somehow related to your policy.

It also lists the important information regarding the limits that you’ve selected for primary homeowners coverage.

Example: dwelling protection, loss of use coverage etc.

Plus any homeowners discount that has been applied to your premium will be listed.

What’s not included?

It is also important to note that the list of coverage on your dec page isn’t inclusive.

Plus Other add-ons like identity theft coverage and personal daycare insurance may not be listed.

I hope you understood till here now it’s time for Auto Insurance Declaration Page

How to get insurance declaration page?

Similarly like Home insurance, Auto insurance declaration page is the Basically the first page that contains the summary of your policy

It lists all the important information related to your policy.

For Example Your name, policy number, your driving history, your Eye Sight etc.

what’s not included?

It might not mention the policy exclusions, the definition of terms & coverage your policy.

Importance of the insurance declaration page

By now you must have understood what is the insurance declaration page and you must be wondering what is the use of a declaration page?

Well, The Importance of declaration page also varies from insurance to insurance.

For Example,  You will be required your Home Insurance Declaration Page during the time of mortgage.

Your Mortgage company will require your updated declaration page for the proof of homeowner insurance.

If you don’t provide this proof then your lender has the right to purchase this homeowner insurance in your name.

This will also include your premium to your mortgage payments.

Now, talking about auto insurance, you will need this declaration page during the purchase of new vehicles.

You have to show your dealer the declaration page as the proof of insurance for your new investment.

Insurance declaration page Sample

Given Below is the Sample Images of insurance declaration page


How to get insurance declaration page?


How to get insurance declaration page?



How to get insurance declaration page?


I hope you have understood what is Auto and Home Insurance Declaration page…

If still, any problem persists feel free to ask any question,…just comment below


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